Sunday, November 11, 2007


We started a new class at Blooma today: BYOB*Crawlers: Bring Your Own Baby Yoga Bonding 2 ... a class for crawling babies and their caregivers. If you're familiar with the Yoga Bonding classes created by Lisa Bergly, then you'll instantly recognize the Crawlers class as YB-2, for babies who are on the move (up to about 18 to 20 or so months). Six babies brought their parents -- 4 mamas, 2 papas. Yay dads! The little ones and their parents did some yoga together at the beginning of the class, then while moms & dads did Sun Salutations, the babies played together, crawling all over the studio, checking out each other's mats, and exploring their little bit of newfound freedom. And then the babies got back in on the action for some standing poses before the moms and dads put their core and legs to work. The babies left eager for lunch and ready for naptime; the parents reported they got a great, short workout, too. The class is Sunday mornings, from 11am to 11:45am. Blooma teachers Shelly Shern (who led the way in creating the Crawlers sequence) and Jennifer Derryberry Mann lead the class on alternating weekends. Come join us sometime! Late-comers and drop-ins are always welcome, and of course, you can sign up in advance online.