Sunday, December 30, 2007

New year, new schedule

It's hard to believe nearly three months have zoomed by since Blooma opened its doors! But here we are, heading into the New Year with all kinds of new friends, new students, and lots of love from long-time friends who've believed in Blooma since long before its birthday! We've gotten lots of great advice along the way, including some thoughts about the schedule. Based on what you've told us, we've made some tweaks for 2008. We're offering more than 25 classes each week, including prenatal, postnatal, mama & baby, support groups, and yoga classes that are open to EVERYONE!

Here are some highlights from the new schedule, which starts January 2:
  • MONDAYS: Blooma Belly Prenatal Yoga has an earlier starting time: 5:15pm
  • TUES & THURS: Blooma Belly Prenatal Yoga has a later starting time: 9:30am. BYOB* Bring Your Own Baby Yoga has a later starting time: 11am
  • THURSDAY: There's a new Blooma Postnatal Yoga class from 4pm-5pm. Blooma Belly Prenatal Fusion has an earlier starting time: 5:30pm
  • FRIDAY: There's a new Yoga for You! class from 2pm-3pm.
We also have a new, shorter format for the Journaling workshop (2 hours on a Saturday afternoon) and we've added a new childbirth education class called Enlightened Mama. And of course, there's always a grand selection of workshops each month!

You can check the new schedule out online or pick up a copy at the studio.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Blooma Blossom: Baby Babette

Baby Babette
December 25, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Feeling the love

If you've ever wondered whether you have to be super-flexible or an organic-loving yoga fashionista to come to Blooma, the answer to that question, cleverly explored by Go Mom Go, is No.

So please, please bring your tight muscles and your not-always-fashionable self to Blooma. We'll love you and your littles just the way you are!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

So Many Mamas...

Means so many babies on the way! This morning's prenatal class was cooooooozy with almost 20 moms-to-be at Blooma to practice breathing, moving, and preparing the way for their sweet little ones to arrive in a trimester or two. On such a cold winter morning, it was lovely to feel the warmth of so many mamas sharing morning tea, lots of fun prego advice, and a yoga practice! (Just look at all those mamas in pigeon!)

Come join us -- Blooma offers 8 prenatal classes a week. Check out the schedule to see what works for you! (And then, once baby arrives, come see us for postnatal yoga, mama & baby yoga, tot yoga, kid yoga, yoga for everyone, and more!!)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Celebrate the Season!

At Blooma, we try to take care of all your needs -- right down to your holiday shopping. No, we can't offer to babysit your little ones while you shop (too bad!!), but we can make your shopping a little easier. For the holidays, we've put together a few gift packages for you...
  • Breathe Easy -- 2 classes & a $25 Blooma gift card ($50)
  • Love & Light -- 2 classes & a 60-minute massage ($110)
  • Winter Wonder -- 4 classes & a 60-minute massage ($140)
  • December Dream -- 6 classes & a 90-minute massage ($200)
We've packaged up the goodies in a sweet gift bag, so you don't even need to add a bow. Give the gift of Blooma, and then hint, hint, hint to the love of your life that you'd like to get the gift of Blooma, too!