Tuesday, June 30, 2009

3, 2, 1 ... Launch!

Blooma's blog relaunches tomorrow! We'll bring you more posts, more fun, enlightening news, words of wisdom from your favorite staffers, and of course, those adorable baby Blossoms updates. Subscribe now to stay current with all things Blooma and beyond.

For those of you Blooma devotees who aren't yet blog savvy: don't fret. We know you're out there and we love you, too! You know that trusty, old phrase, "There's no time like the present?" That's certainly true when you're practicing yoga; now it's time to embrace the present moment and learn how to sign up for your first blog. Learn how here. (Nevermind the source of the tutorial... it's the best one I found out there.)

See you tomorrow!


Alisa (your blogger), Sarah, and the ladies of Blooma