Saturday, December 1, 2007

Celebrate the Season!

At Blooma, we try to take care of all your needs -- right down to your holiday shopping. No, we can't offer to babysit your little ones while you shop (too bad!!), but we can make your shopping a little easier. For the holidays, we've put together a few gift packages for you...
  • Breathe Easy -- 2 classes & a $25 Blooma gift card ($50)
  • Love & Light -- 2 classes & a 60-minute massage ($110)
  • Winter Wonder -- 4 classes & a 60-minute massage ($140)
  • December Dream -- 6 classes & a 90-minute massage ($200)
We've packaged up the goodies in a sweet gift bag, so you don't even need to add a bow. Give the gift of Blooma, and then hint, hint, hint to the love of your life that you'd like to get the gift of Blooma, too!

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