Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Mamas at Blooma

We're always thrilled to find a little love for Blooma out in the blogosphere -- and to send a little Blooma love back in return. Here's what new mama-to-be Emily had to say about her first experience at the studio, surrounded by a bunch of other mamas ...

"After putting in a brief appearance at work this afternoon, I headed over to my Tuesday night prenatal yoga class at Blooma. The instructor also happens to own Blooma and was highly recommended by my friend Rachael. The whole experience has been terrific, and tonight's class was even better because Keri, my friend who is due June 18, joined me. I'm pretty impressed with the women in my class who are only days away from their due dates. I'm hoping it's the motivation I need to continue these classes until June!"

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