Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blooma Blossom: Baby Jack

Baby Jack
June 10, 2008
8 pounds
22 inches

Mama says: "I was supposed to have a water birth at Woodwinds, but Jack wouldn't turn despite all efforts. So he was born sunny side up, yet very healthy. My midwife was very impressed with me, saying in all her years birthing, she had never seen a woman so focused and strong. I told her it was not only because of my connection to Jack and working as a team, but because of the Prenatal Yoga Intensive classes at Blooma. She was amazed at my breathing and positioning, especially on my own. I was so proud to hear that and even more proud to have taken what I worked so hard for at Blooma, and put it to work during my birthing. Thank you so much for creating Blooma and for all the inspiring words!"

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