Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moms, renew, for free!

Blooma's Personal Renewal Group leader Sarina LaMarche passed along this invitation:

F0r 48 hours, you can download a free copy of Renee Trudeau’s award winning The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life.

The book is available May 8-10 at Sign up today!

Featured extensively in national media, Trudeau is a national life balance expert, and her book is described as “The best book on balance,” by women’s health guru Dr. Joan Borysenko, author of Inner Peace for Busy Women. Trudeau's book has helped thousands of women and can help you:

• reconnect with who you are and nurture yourself
• manage your energy and practice saying “no”
• tap into the Transformative Power of Self-Care

Wondering, why free?! This uplifting, beautifully illustrated/photographed book was born from Renee’s personal experience of creating/leading women’s self-renewal circles—called Personal Renewal Groups. She is passionate about how transformative self-care can be for women and was moved to share this message with women around the world.

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