Saturday, February 21, 2009

Prenatal Beauty Cheryllyne Vaz

Mama-to-be Cheryllyne shared a gorgeous prenatal pix with us. And you know how we love to show off a beautiful belly! Photography by Jennifer Cress.

Cheryllyne gave birth a couple of days ago. Back in November, she shared her awesome "we're expecting!" news with us...

My husband, Andy Harwood, and I are expecting our first baby in February. We have opted to birth at home with our 3 cats in a water birth. We are blessed to have a fabulous team of midwives — Emme Corbeil, Clare Welter and Gail Tulley from Trillium Midwifery. In the event of a just-in-case moment, we also have a hospital back-up plan. Instead of an ob-gyn, we turned to our wonderful family physician, Dr. Hammes, at Healtheast who has agreed to be on call at St. Joseph's hospital. The great news is that she just gave us the all clear signal for a home birth. Yippee! I'm currently in the process of writing out 2 birth plans.

Since both of us have careers in advertising, we are used to changes coming in fast and quick. When we learnt we were having the baby, we just took a deep breath and woo hoo'ed together. In preparation for the birth, I have been strengthening myself with yoga at Blooma and, pilates and cardio at home. We have also been doing a Bradley class with Janine Stiles and a Hypnobirthing class with Sarah Tracy.

I am originally from Mumbai, India and my 'mummy-baby' philosophy has been shaped by years of watching my mother and aunts raise kids the traditional Indian way: Birth a baby at home, breast feed for 3 years, have the baby sleep in the same bed as the parents, carry baby in a sling, make food at home and basically, let baby be. Our hope is to raise our child in a peaceful, no-fuss, no gizmo environment. We love traveling and by far this has to be the best journey we've started out together — and we've only just turned the ignition key:-)

Hindi word for baby: Baccha
Hindi word for mummy: Ma

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