Thursday, April 2, 2009

Welcome Kim Bosanko!

Please join us in welcoming our newest instructor
Kim Bosanko this week at Blooma!

We are offering her class FREE this Saturday (4/4) at 8am.

Kim is well-known in the Minneapolis and CorePower yoga communities. Her packed classes at CorePower are highly respected and sought-out, so join us this Saturday to give Kim a warm Blooma welcome!

High stress level and constant travel of a corporate job left little time for healthy eating or exercise. Pledging a commitment to a healthier body and mind, Kim changed her eating habits and exercised consistently at a local gym. As her body began to change, becoming stronger and leaner, so did her attitude and goals of what she wanted in life. After significant weight loss, Kim sought a beginner Yoga class at the gym to improve flexibility. She quickly fell in love with Yoga and how it made her body feel, the calm centeredness in her mind and spirit, feeling a grounding and safety she never felt before. Kim wanted "to give back" and realized what she was meant to do in life. Kim completed Yogafit training February 2006 and graduated Corepower Teacher training July 2006 and with a happy heart left her position in the corporate world to teach yoga full-time and has enjoyed teaching each and everyday since. It is a dream that became a goal that became a reality! She has since studied under Ana Forrest, Rusty Wells, Cameron Shayne and Manju Pattabi Jois.

Kim brings a kind, gentle spirit and a smile wherever she goes, always willing to help anyone with a genuine love for all.

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Anonymous said...

I was able to take Kim's inagural class at Blooma and left feeing wonderful! I worked muscles I hadn't felt in a long time, for days after I felt strong and empowered!