Thursday, April 2, 2009

Welcome Nan Arundel!

Nan brings her bright spirit to Blooma for Yoga for You!!

About Nan:
Born smack dab in the middle of summer, Nan comes by her love of sun and heat naturally. So ten years ago, smack dab in the middle of a cold Minnesota winter, when she stumbled into a yoga class and realized she could find the sun by saluting it and heat built by her own breath, thus saving her a ticket to Mexico, a nice little crush developed. Though initially feeling quite inflexible and not sure what foot/arm/hip/head went where, she was charmed enough by the mini-nap at the end of every practice to stick with it. And then sure enough, breath by breath, pose by pose, sutra by sutra, the technology of yoga worked its magic on her. What had begun as a small crush turned into a full-blown love affair as Nan opened herself to learning about and sharing her enthusiasm for yoga. Now, having studied with master instructors Jessica Rosenberg, Jeffrey Bores, Manju Patthabi Jois and teacher training with Annie Carpenter of YogaWorks in Sydney, Australia, Nan teaches yoga in corporate settings, studios, and private sessions around town. Her vinyasa classes combine a deep awareness of anatomy, sequencing, alignment, and yogic philosophy while inspiring a playful spirit. One of her students calls her, “the Warrior of the Open Heart.” When Nan isn’t sporting yoga clothes, you can find her elbow deep in dirt designing someone’s garden, clad in an apron catering someone’s party, walking one of the lakes, or at the airport off to satiate her endless hunger for travel and experiencing the world.

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Sheri said...

Nan -
What a treat to see your name on the list of instructors at Blooma! I had just started postnatal classes there and broke my tailbone (ouch!), but I'll be back soon! You're signed up to do yardwork with us when you return from overseas :)

Sheri Williams