Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blooma Blossom: Baby Adelaide

Baby Adelaide Grace
September 7, 2008
6lbs 7ozs
20.5 inches

Mama says: It was an absolute pleasure coming to Blooma for yoga. I learned a ton about my body & birth & so much more. Thank you for also providing resources such as Channing & her chiropractic services. Also, you found me a doula, Sondra Doty, who was an awesome help in the birth experience. My husband was so happy she was there, he would recommend Sondra (or a doula, in general) to any couple approaching birth. A few things I will continue to take with me into motherhood and to tell every pregnant woman i know:
-the secret is not that labor is hard...the secret is that women are strong.
-hospital gowns are for sick people, pregnancy is not about being sick.
-photograph that pregnant belly.
-be informed!! educate yourself!! talk to people!!

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