Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blooma Blossom: Baby Elijah John

Elijah John
October 23
7lbs 10 oz.
22 inches long

Mama says: "
Thank you for the motivation, the strength, and the positive influence you had on me to make this day possible. My husband is a chiropractor and through a patient/friend of ours we found out about Blooma. I started my 35th week of pregnancy, and wished I had known about you guys earlier. Our goal was to have a natural child birth so we were up to trying anything. The chiro adjustments and yoga were the two things that helped me avoid the aches and pains of pregancy. I found my weekly prenatal yoga classes as a retreat from the stresses of the day and gained a great deal of knowledge during each session.

Elijah John was brought into this world on his 41st week in utero. My doctor wanted to induce me on this day and I held strong knowing that the baby would come when it wanted to and that a natural birth could not occur with any interventions. So, to make the doc happy we went in that morning for a non-stress test which turned out fine, and then returned that mid-afternoon "in labor." Throughout labor I concentrated on my breathing and relaxation, which helped me get through each contraction. I was in labor for 6 hours and pushed for 20 minutes. By 9:33pm my little guy was here. No drugs, no interventions, and our goal was accomplished, we had a natural child birth.

The biggest thing I found is that too often we are told we can't do it. I had so many people tell me when i was pregnant that I should just get the epidural and save myself the pain. The thing is, giving birth is a good pain, it's not going to kill you ... it's going to bring you the most beautiful thing you'll ever know AND with the right tools you can mentally turn the pain into a beautiful process. I used the saying found in the studio, "She believed she could, so she did" as motivation to get through each difficult contraction.

My husband was awesome too! He reminded me to relax once I tensed up and would breathe with me to help me concentrate. I also used your advice on NOT knowing how far along I was dilated, which totally rocked. Not knowing how far along I was allowed me to concentrate on what I was doing that moment, not how long I had left. When the nurse told me we were ready to start pushing I was shocked. So, not only did you teach me how to breathe through and relax during contractions, you gave me hope!!

Every session you guys gave us positive influence, by telling us that we have the strength to do this, that we are great mothers, and made us feel powerful. The yoga also helped strengthen my core and floor, which also helped during delivery. So, thank you for helping this day be possible and giving me the strength, the tools, and the positive influence to make it through and accomplish my goal. Women need this influence and need to know that a natural child birth is NOT impossible!! It's natural, the way the body intended it to be!!

I wish you the best with what's to come with Blooma and will keep referring people your way. Keep helping beautiful babies come into this world and keep telling those mommas to breathe!! Eli and I will be in for some classes once he gets accustomed to everything!! Again, THANK YOU!! for being such a positive part of Eli's birth!!

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