Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blooma Blossom: Evan Wellstone

Evan Wellstone (goes by Wellstone)
October 26 at 9:09 am
8 lbs, 10 oz
21 inches

Mama Emily says: Labor was long & hard, but totally worth it and I'm so psyched I was able to deliver vaginally despite all the interventions and exhaustion I endured. I have (obviously) been thinking a lot about how it all went down and I'm really ok with it. The pitocin and the epidural were both necessary considering my situation, and they both did exactly what they were intended to to (speed up dilation and allow me some rest after being awake for 24 hours). I'm also certain that prenatal yoga was a major factor in Wells' excellent fetal condition during my long labor, and ultimately his correct position in my pelvis.

He's a GREAT baby and we are so thrilled. He's really alert and has amazing head control for being just a week old! He's sleeping for 3-hour increments at night, and breastfeeding is going really well. We're looking forward to postnatal/BYOB yoga after a couple more weeks of adjustment.

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