Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blankets for Uganda

Thanks to Blooma yoga teacher Bridgett Erickson, whose recent Sunday morning class encouraged us to donate blankets to the women of Uganda. Below is a post from Bridgett about the experience:

About 20 women gathered to bless blankets to send to Uganda. First we spent about 45 minutes in a personal asana practice. Then we all sat in a circle (shaped more like a uterus!) and sent blessings to the blankets. Each woman took the blanket she had brought with her and after practicing with the blanket in her presence and meditating with it in her loving hands, each woman individually placed her blanket in the center of the circle as she spoke words of blessing and further blessed the blanket with water sprinkled from the petals of a rose.

There was a huge pile of blankets, full of love and blessings in the center of the circle. The women were happy to be a part of something greater than themselves and for the opportunity to give their blankets!


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