Monday, November 16, 2009

Success for Uganda!

Congratulations and THANK YOU to every person who donated, attended the gala, volunteered their time or talents, or attended special workshops to raise money for Blooming in Uganda! With your help, Sarah has reached her goal (and more!) of raising $20,000 to help build a birth center in Uganda!

The Friday night gala was a phenomenal success. On that night alone, we raised at least $22,000 dollars. That is downright astonishing. Look what we can do together as a community when we set our minds to it!

Moving, educational, inspirational—and yes, super fun—the gala was amazing.
How about those African dancers and musicians? Talk about talented!

I don't think there was a dry eye in the house after speaker, yoga teacher, and author Matthew Sanford spoke. His willingness to share his heart and story so candidly opened all our hearts. MPR "Speaking of Faith" host Krista Tippett reminded us about the ways our personal yoga practices can transcend beyond the yoga studio and into our communities, as is the mission of Off the Mat, Into the World. And Sarah grounded and inspired us all, with her words, her vision, and her dedication to breath and birth.

There are more Blooming in Uganda events to come in the next couple of weeks. Though Sarah has met her minimum goal, all future donations continue to go to Shanti Uganda and the birth center that so desperately needs to be built.

With tremendous love, awe, and gratefulness...

Alisa & the women of Blooma


e. saunders said...

oh my, amazing. all of it. high five blooma community!

MamaStecker said...

YAY! YAY! YAY! I am so happy for the success. Congratulations!

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