Sunday, January 24, 2010

It could happen to any of us...

This is a bit off-topic from my usual parenting/pregnancy/yoga postings, but it's about women's health and that's important, too.
      It's with a heavy heart that I learned recently about a close friend's shocking diagnosis of breast cancer—at age 34. She has no family history of breast cancer. She's a runner and yoga practitioner. She eats well. In other words, she's healthy in every other way. Just days after her diagnoses she ran her first half-marathon. 
      After finishing the race strong and crying as she crossed the finish line, she announced her diagnosis on Facebook: "Last week I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Yesterday I ran my first half marathon. TAKE THAT, YOU FRIGGIN' CANCER CELLS, I DON'T GO DOWN EASY!"
      How I love this woman and her spunk!
      Unfortunately, her situation is not totally unique. Most of us know at least one person affected by some type of cancer. Sometimes those loved ones are old. Sometimes they are young.
      I felt it important to reach out to the amazing community of Blooma women and remind each of you to do monthly self breast exams. For reminders on how to do self exams, follow this link. 
      Meanwhile, I keep hearing advertisements about the Susan G. Komen 3-day For the Cure breast cancer walk. It's hard to fathom walking 20 miles a day, three days in a row, for a total of 60 MILES. Then again, it's hard to imagine the surgeries, radiation, chemotheraphy, hopes and prayers that go into battling breast cancer. 
      If my friend can hit her cancer battle with a running start, the least I can do is walk 60 miles and raise money for breast cancer research. If you've walked this journey before, tell me—how was it?
      As for the 2010 walk, it's scheduled in the Twin Cities for Aug. 21-23. Who wants to do it with me? Team Blooma perhaps? E-mail me:

Alisa & the women of Blooma

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