Friday, January 22, 2010

Uganda birth center - the foundation is built!

Sarah leaves in just a couple of weeks for Uganda! In the meantime, the Shanti Uganda blog keeps us up-to-date on how projects are going. Check out one of the most recent blog postings, which is specific to the birth center developments. It begins:

Last week we held a community meeting on our land to gather the thoughts, ideas and questions of the three villages that surround the birth house. As the meeting went on more and more people came flowing in – babies, mothers, men in their best dress pants. We sat on benches, on bricks and on the earth surrounding the tree on our land that has naturally become our meeting place and shared with them our ideas, asked them about theirs and invited the community to walk through the birth house for the first time.... The women clapped when we told them there would have an emergency transfer vehicle to take women with complications from our birth house to the hospital in town. They told us stories of walking long distances into town while in the birth process only to receive poor care at overcrowded hospitals in Kasana. (Read more...)

Natalie, executive director of Shanti Uganda, stands in the middle of the building foundation which will be the birth center. It includes 2 birth rooms, a bathroom and a sterilization room.

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