Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blooma birth story: Rebecca

We are so honored that so many of you want to share your birth stories! And we've been receiving so many lately that we're going to make this a regular feature of the blog. (If you want to share yours, e-mail it to me at alisa@blooma.com.)

Today we hear from a mama named Rebecca who wrote to me saying, "I never tire of hearing about people's amazing birth experiences and I think it is so important for women to have a chance to hear the full range of possibilities."

If you're a birth story junkie like Rebecca (and those of us at Blooma), follow this link to Rebecca's blog. She sprinkles her story with plenty of humor, including details of "groaning that morphed into loud, low MOOing" and compares herself at one point to "a most unsexy, mooing pole dancer." I was a vocal birther myself, so this description made me laugh out loud with understanding! Thanks for sharing, Rebecca!

Alisa, Sarah & the women of Blooma

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