Friday, October 16, 2009

News Flash: Nursing moms to the gym!

It's not easy to carve out time to pump iron when you're a mom of little ones. New research, however, says it's especially important to work out if you're a nursing mother.

While breastfeeding, women transfer around 200 milligrams of calcium per day from their own stores to their breast milk. (Hurrah for healthy babies!) According to recent research published in a journal called
Medicine & Science in Sports, exercise can help decrease bone loss while you're giving all those yummy nutrients to your baby. The prescription? A combination of strength training and aerobic exercise for three days a week. (Take advantage of the childcare at Blooma and come for a Yoga For You class, or show up together for BYOB—Bring Your Own Baby yoga, which I teach on Saturdays with Jamee Yung!) Read more about the study here.

Naturally, exercise will also help you feel better all the way around, from more restful sleep to creating a more clear mind.

Alisa, Sarah & the women of Blooma

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