Friday, December 4, 2009

Healthy mamas, healthy babies

I read a disconcerting story the other day about the high number of chemicals babies are exposed to prenatally. Unfortunately, it's impossible to avoid these chemicals entirely, but there are ways to minimize your baby's exposure, according to Alexandra Zissu, author of The Complete Organic Pregnancy.

Zissu advises that you start by cutting back on or eliminating canned food, since cans may be lined with chemically-enhanced water-resistant coatings that include BPA. Getting rid of any pots and pots with Teflon or non-stick coatings, and switching to stainless steel or cast iron cookware is another healthy choice. Other options: resist microwaving your food in plastic, choose all-natural cleaning products (you'd be surprised what a bit of vinegar and water can do), and stick to 100 percent cotton materials that aren't treated with flame-resistant chemicals.

Whew! That's a lot to think about, I know. Your baby will thank you, for any small changes, both now and once baby is born, since those chemicals have been shown to pass into breastmilk as well.

For more information about the Environmental Working Group's cord blood report or a similar report by the Washington Toxics Coalition, read the full story at The Daily Green. EWG also has a very helpful website called Skin Deep that shows you which beauty products are safest (and which aren't).

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