Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blooma Blossom: Baby Sasha

Baby Sasha
July 29, 2008
6 pounds, 10.5 ounces

Mama says: "We had our baby at HCMC last Tuesday. It was an absolutely incredible experience, 5 hours from water breaking to baby arriving. Megan was our midwife and Karen was the on-call doula. I could not have had such a wonderful birth without them, I feel so lucky. I really appreciated the massages from Carey and Sarah's advice, especially about HCMC. Carey once commented that labor would be easier for me because I knew how to relax, and several of the nurses and the doula said the same exact thing after seeing me labor. If anyone is looking for a midwives practice, I could not recommend HCMC more highly. I feel completely indebted to them. Also, I had Sasha while squatting, and the doula had never seen anyone do that. She was really impressed. I'm pretty proud of myself! Thanks again, and we're looking forward to the BYOB classes in the fall."

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