Friday, December 5, 2008

Before you decorate the nursery...

Decorate the belly! Henna art is a beautiful, temporary way to decorate your belly in celebration of the life growing within! Sarah, local henna artist and owner of SaraCura, offers this explanation:

"Henna has been a tradition around the world for millennia. This simple bush leaf is responsible for many long-lasting temporary designs. A variety of cultures have traditions associated with Mehndi, the art of henna application. The most famous are India’s wedding extravaganzas. Another beautiful tradition is the decoration of pregnant bellies. It is said to protect the unborn and to bring an easy, safe birth for the mother."

Sarah loves to decorate bellies! If you're
considering a Blessing Way, henna is a sweet ritual for you and your friends and family. Learn more about Sarah's henna at or call Blooma (952 848 1111) to find out about scheduling a henna party or adding henna to your Blessing Way.

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