Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blooma Blossoms: Our Babies-2007 & 2008

Oh, how we love our Blooma Blossoms! Babies are the heart of our studio!

December 2008

27th-Jonah; 24th-Lucy; 21st-Chase, Pieta; 19th-Evan; 18th-Alice Jane; 17th-Maks, Bluma
November 2008
21st-Rebecca; 13th-Samuel Bryant

October 2008

26th-Wellstone; 23rd-Elijah; 13th-Ada; 8th-Lily and Mayer; 7th-Leo

September 2008
26th-Amalia; 24th-Oliver McLean; 23rd-Baby Tessie; 19th-Sam; 9th-Emma; 7th-Adelaide; 6th-Calin
August 2008
31st-Henry; 28th-Jackson; 25th-Baby Leni, Baby Reese; 24th-Tim; 21st-Baby Finn; 19th-Baby Lorcan, Baby Helen; 16th-Olivia Elizabeth; 9th-Wyatt; 8th-Baby Hendrix, Baby Owen; 6th-Baby Alia Claire;
1st-Baby Nina, Baby Beckett
July 2008
30th-Baby Ella; 29th-Baby Ryder, Baby Sasha; 18th-Baby Campbell; 12th-Milena, Lucia; 11th-Baby Averie; 7th-Baby Drexel; 2nd-Baby Beckett

June 2008
24th-Baby Rasana; 13th-Baby Ethan, Baby Owen; 10th-Baby Juliana, Baby Jack
May 2008
30th-Baby Evan; 26th-Baby Quinn; Baby Luke; 25th-Reese; 19th-Baby Hazel; 15th-Baby Sullivan; 13th-Baby Malin; 12th-Baby Isla; 8th-Baby Owen, Baby Graham; Baby Charlie; 6th-Baby Nolan
also this month: Baby Bridget
April 2008
27th-Baby Aden; 21st-Baby Chloe; 14th-Baby Paxton; 13th-Baby Arabella; 11th-Baby Wilder
also this month: Baby Marco David

March 2008
6th-Baby Emily
, Baby Cole
February 2008
26th-Baby Eleanor
; 19th-Baby Priya
also this month: Baby Andres
January 2008
23rd-Baby Redford; 21st-Baby Kaylen

Also this year: Baby Conor; Baby Tullah

December 2007
25th-Baby Babette

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