Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blooma Blossom: Lilly

January 20, 2009

Mama Jill says: I went in for an ultrasound on January 14th as the doctor was tracking a low-lying placenta. I was relieved to hear that I was out of the woods for that, but unfortunately vasa previa was found. I was told not to come to yoga and a c-section was scheduled for a C-section on the 20th. Everything went really well and we have a beautiful baby girl named Lilly. I am very grateful that they found the previa and there was no emergency that would have been very likely with a vaginal birth. I am just mourning (sometimes that word feels just right and sometimes when Lilly is gazing into my eyes it seems like a silly exageration) not getting to experience the last 3 weeks of pregnancy and not getting a chance to labor. I do want to thank you for all of the wonderful yoga classes. They really helped to make the pregnancy an even more magical time than I had imagined. I also wanted to thank you for the couples child birth prep class. Even though we didn't get a chance to use a lot of the great information that you gave us, it was a very good bonding experience for Erik and I. I loved that Erik got a chance to taste a little bit of what I was experiencing in yoga and the techniques that you taught made him feel more confident about supporting me through labor. I am really looking forward to being healed enough to come in for postnatal and BYOB yoga. Keep up all of your wonderful work.

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