Thursday, January 22, 2009

Workshop: Even Cowgirls Get the Bliss

Join us for a workshop on Intuitive Healing.

We are vibration. We are energy. It is simply our nature. Within that reality is an opening for all of us to access the Universal healing Source. Many creative practices assist us to experience and deepen our trust in the healing process for ourselves, our community, and our world. In this workshop we will focus on deepening our ability to intuitively use touch, movement, sound, words and intention as tools for healing.

The afternoon will include exercises to sharpen our senses, time for discussions on the nature of healing, guided meditation, movement & dance, and the practices of both receiving and giving intuitive bodywork. Leave with a keener presence with our amazing, sensual, energetic existence! Everyone is welcome. You already know all of this, but we often forget. So come, let us remember together. Please wear clothing for comfort of movement.

The nature of God is a circle of which the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere ~Empedocles

Saturday, Feb. 28
Fee: $40

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