Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New, for New Students!

We're now offering a New Student One-Month Unlimited Pass for $99!

There are so many wonderful classes and teachers at Blooma, and we'd like our new students to have a chance to sample a bit of everything we offer! The one-month unlimited pass is designed to let you take as many classes as you like, in 30 days, so you can get familiar with the teachers and the offerings at Blooma. New students may purchase this pass one time only. Please try a class at Blooma, then purchase your unlimited pass before attending a second class and before purchasing any other class pass.

Thank you for honoring the terms on which we offer this exceptional pass! We hope you're delighted with Blooma and our amazing community of families!

Check out our Blooma class schedule. Call with any questions: 952 848 1111.

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