Monday, August 10, 2009

Fertility news + massage special!

Not to make judgments (or admissions) on anyone's sex life out there, but there are very few women I know who have sex every day. Apparently though, if you’re trying to get pregnant, daily sex might help increase your luck—and not just by upping your statistical chances.

Find out why in this USA Today article. (Hint: daily sex really
does help your guy!)

We know that getting pregnant isn’t always as easy as we want it to be. If you’re actively trying (or about to start trying), consider supplementing your hard work with fertility acupuncture or a Maya abdominal massage at Blooma. You can learn more about these and other wellness services on our web site. Book an appointment now by clicking here, and then clicking once more on the "appointments" tab (upper left side of the page).

Here's another bonus: the wonderful Deborah Savran is offering an
August special of $15 off her Maya abdominal massages! That means they're just $70 each. I can personally attest to the relaxing and healing power of Deborah's hands. Her massages are pure bliss!

Alisa, Sarah & the ladies at Blooma

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