Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blooma Book Club: A Life's Work

There are so many fabulous books out there on pregnancy, birthing, and motherhood, that I plan to write occasional posts called "Blooma Book Club" with thoughts, reviews, and information about great books you might want to snuggle up with.

A friend in my mom & baby playgroup (born from an ECFE class) recently sent an e-mail about a book called "A Life's Work - On Becoming a Mother," by Rachel Cusk. Unlike many of the more humorous mommy memoirs, this "dissects the process of new motherhood from a psychological and emotional perspective," says Publisher's Weekly.

Cusk writes with searing honesty about the changes in her life, while sharing personal insights any new mother can relate to.
I love this quote from the book: "Birth is not merely that which divides women from men: it also divides women from themselves, so that a woman's understanding of what it is to exist is profoundly changed. Another person has existed in her, and after their birth they live within the jurisdiction of her consciousness."

If you pick up this book (or if you have already read it), let us know what you think of it!

Love, Alisa, Sarah & the women of Blooma

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Lauren said...

Just requested this from the library...thanks for the great idea!